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since 1989.

MEC Milestones



1989 Establishment of Union Way Factory (the origin of MEC) in Boashan Industrial Area, Zhang Mu Tou, Southern China, with key operations in OEM manufacturing of timers and battery chargers.

1992 Reconstruction of the factory at the current site by the river at Guan Cang, Zhang Mu Tou, Southern China.

1993 Relocation to the new factory and it remains to these days.

1999 Establishment of Hong Kong foothold with the set-up of Mainland Energy Conversion Ltd.

The hill top with cluster of simple structures, our original factory site in 1989.

The very beginning, our factory back in 1989, the hill top.

The devoted and cheerful staff back in 1990s.

Rapid Growth

2000 ODM began with the set-up of R&D for designing battery chargers and power supplies; launched the very first MEC-labelled product with our own inductive components. The era of self-sufficiency begun.

2005 “MEC” registered as trademark under the Trade Marks Ordinance in Hong Kong.

2006 Complete fulfillment of RoHS compliance; with other international recognized certificates passed.

2007 Establishment of MEC-Energietechnik GmbH, the European arm in 2007, in Villach, Austria, to better serve clients with direct communication.

2008 ODM product G-Bus-8 was nominated as the favorite product by U.S. consumers.

2011 Launch of a series of high-end, waterproof industrial battery chargers which were well received by the markets; factory first certified for ISO 9001:2008.

2013 Launch of 300W waterproof, industrial battery chargers.

2014 The factory transformed to wholly foreign owned enterprise and renamed as Mengling Power Electronic (Dong Guan) Co. Ltd. with complete facilities for smooth running of vertical assembly lines; R&D centres set up in Austria and Taiwan in the same year.

2015 Launch of 1000W waterproof, industrial battery chargers.

2016 Launched the highly efficient yet compact 250W to 500W series for charging lithium-based batteries.

Stable Development

2017 Opened up the market of domestic sales within mainland China; started participating in the annual electronica China; factory certification updated to ISO 9001-2015.

2019 “MEC” registered as trademark under National Intellectual Property Administration in China. First launch of MEC LiFePO4 battery pack for forklift trucks, heavy-loaded trucks and sea taxies.

The construction of the factory by the river at Guan Cang, Zhang Mu Tou (1992), where we are still here to the current days.

Perseverance, paired with a forward-looking mindset, is a source of strength to make things happen.

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