We Design. We Produce. We Innovate.

Who we are

Originated from Mengling Power Electronic (Dong Guan) Co. Ltd. since 1989, Mainland Energy Conversion Ltd. or MEC was established in 1999 in Hong Kong, China.
Taking advantage of the strategic locations in the Far East, we manage to expand here as the Asian Pacific Hub with Hong Kong as a key sourcing and transit port.
Subsequently, we established sales and client servicing arm in Europe with the set-up of MEC-Energietechnik GmbH in 2007 in Villach, Austria. MEC aims at providing quality,
best-in-value power solutions (from industrial battery chargers, lithium battery packs to energy storage systems) for clients worldwide.

We have our own ISO 9001:2015 certified factory located in Dong Guan, China, enable us to offer nowadays one-stop, customized power solutions pinpointing clients’ specific needs. Equipped with latest SMT technology, advanced Optical Inspection System and automated Pick & Place machines, we produce in-house the necessary inductive / heatsink components, ensuring the best quality and timeliness. Processes from mold construction, metal stamping, simulation / software designs to the assembly of battery packs or the full gear of power supplies, MEC handles well with flexibility. 

High degree of autonomy and self-sufficiency enable us to develop and produce wide range of various mix of products, which are equipped with technologies fitting the latest market needs, and complied to the relevant safety standard and requirements. MEC, for decades, stands for quality and responsible ODM/OEM production, a partner you can trust on.

What we offer

Flexibility, Efficiency and Quality

Comprehensive, vertical assembly lines with in-house production of inductive / heatsink parts and metal processing workshop at self-operating ISO factory enable complete control on cost, production schedule & quality

Customized Charge Profiles
Parameters can be set precisely to fit specific requirements; if in need, customized charge profiles available off-the-shelf for uploading via the IR data port
Seamless Integration
Optional CAN-bus makes communications between chargers and batteries robust and flexible; battery health and life are better maintained
One-stop Power Solutions
Core team of dedicated engineers and skillful crew at our ISO 9001:2015 factory are always here to provide technological support; direct talk promotes innovative designs and project success

Products labelled MEC are efficient, competitive and just well-fit.