Client Experience

What our Clients Say

Our Reliable ODM / OEM Partner

We have been knowing MEC since year 2000 and it is always inspiring and productive in working with the team. The skillful crew at its factory is supportive enough for realizing each and every new idea over years. MEC is one of our most reliable partners and a good old friend who understands our needs.

Advanced Waterproof Power Electronics - Never Disappoint

We have been working out with MEC on waterproof charging solutions for years and its ATLAS series never disappoints. A reliable charger delivering stable performance forms part of the customer satisfaction. The waterproof feature accompanies our professional series of vacuum cleaners or heavy-duty cleaning machines for daily household or some highly demanding work environments.

Stable, Reliable Power Supply for Every Outdoor Project

Our different scales of lighting systems or utility projects for public facilities, outdoor construction sites or marine platforms require stable, reliable power supply and we are glad to have MEC as one of our suppliers since 2008. The team has always been responsive in dealing with our special requests or specifications, its kind of flexibility is much appreciated.