Ideal Solutions for Future Energy Storage

Why Lithium-Iron-Phosphate LiFePO4?

Light Weight but Brimming with Power

High energy density with only 1/3 or half weight of its lead-acid counterpart

Highly Productive

No need to take out or change batteries; your machine can work 24/7 continually

High Current Rating

Recognized electrochemical performance with low resistance

Zero Maintenance

100% Maintenance-free; saving much time and efforts

Long Life Span

Up to 2000 charge cycles or more; a more cost-effective solution

One of the Safest Li-ions

Good thermal stability; extra safety and tolerance under 100% state of charge or high voltage for prolong period

Opportunity Charge

Re-charge or interrupt whenever you want


0 emissions; no toxic or harmful gases; less carbon footprint

High Endurability; Widely Applicable

Great for both portable / stationary use (e.g. energy storage) requiring high load current and endurance

Battery Packs at a Glance

Customization welcome –  enclosure specification, cell configuration and so on

Marine Field:

A quiet and green ride in a secured way

Commercial boating such as water taxies or other passenger boats equipped with MEC LiFePO4 battery packs can run with strong, steady power for long hours, in a quiet and green way, offering a more pleasant on-board experience. Leisure sailing or fishing with an electric driven boat powered by MEC battery packs can set you off for a farther voyage, bringing in more delights with power reliably secured.

Industrial / Agricultural Field:

Fit well with a better time and cost management

MEC tailor-designs the best fit enclosure for your ordered battery packs, taking space constraint into careful consideration. Your machines would be in 100% working mode with relatively shorter time needed for full charging. You can also do opportunity charge whenever you have got a moment. No extra battery packs or machines are needed for replacement or as substitutes, the whole working model becomes more time and cost effective.