IP65 – Built for the Rough Environment:

AL-extruded enclosure. Vibration proof, high impact resistance. Pressure vent to
prevent the build-up of condensation.

“Auto-Wake-Up” of the Battery:

The ATLAS-1200 activates the BMS with pre-defined voltage pulses.

Automatic Charge-Restart:

Auto switch-off at “Battery-Full”. Auto restart after a number of pre-set days, or a pre-defined set voltage level across battery terminals.

Charge Profiles – Customizable:

Charge parameters can be modified via the IR-Interface.

Technical Specifications
Lithium-based Batteries
Li-ion Batteries, 3.6V/Cell (nom.)
7S 14S 17S 20S
40A 20A 17A 15A
LiFePO4 Batteries, 3.2V/Cell (nom.)
- 8S 16S 20S 23S
- 40A 20A 17A 15A
Lead-based Batteries
Nom. Voltage / Charge Current
24V 48V 60V
40A 20A 17A
Product Specifications
Output Powermax. 1200W
Mains Voltage / Mains Pins180 - 240VAC / country specific AC-plug
Operating Temperature-20°C to +40°C
Dimensions / Weight287*245*200 / ca. 6.9kg
Charge Cord1.2m, stripped wire ends / Ring Terminals
IP-Protection ClassIP65
Safety FunctionsShort-, Overload-, Reverse Polarity Protection
Additional Features (optional)CAN-Bus, Ignition-Lock, Charge Enable
Certificates of ComplianceCE,UKCA
Caravans, Floor Scrubbing Machines, Hydraulic Lifts, Farming Tools, Boats, Yachts